Wood Carving In Folk Art

Folk Art

It is a folk art. I like to think of myself as a folk artist rather than doing African art, which I really don’t do African art because I have never been to Africa. But anyway, and it is evolving, if you change, constantly changing every kind of new piece of wood that you catch, piece, you know you can come up with a different expression. You can change the eyes a little bit, you don’t open them or you do open them, you open the mouth and you put an expression line here, there and it just changes the personality, the character and sometimes it pops up looking like one of your relatives or Elvis Presley, or James Brown and these pieces usually sell right away. So, that is about it for the history of it. Our philosophy is that whatever it is it is. You know, I can perhaps and I know I can do you, you give me a picture of yourself with enough time. We select some wood, I can give you a profile or a pictorial character of yourself and just the definitions of your eyes and your mouth. But, I really don’t like to work that way, I like to work freelance, I like to, whatever pops out, pops out. Sometimes I will sit it down, the next day I will come in and I will come someplace else. So most times I work with two or three, four or five pieces at a time.

Wood Carving Tips : How To Select Wood For Wood Carving?

Wood carving can be a fun and remunerating create for cutting edge and beginner craftsmen alike. There is in no way like the sentiment of transforming a hunk of material into something significant that you can show in your own home, give as a blessing, or even offer for a benefit. Be that as it may, notwithstanding the abilities required for this art, one should likewise have the correct wood carving supplies. The selection of the wood is so important. You don’t want something too hard, you don’t want something too soft. My best wood that I prefer if I had one wood to choose out of all the trees would be the Sycamore.

Sycamore grows anywhere, almost anywhere in America. Where there is water, there is usually wood. Even here in the desert, where there is dry wooded bed, all around Lake Montezuma, here in Cottonwood, Cornville, there is plenty of Sycamore, dried creek beds. You will find limbs and stuff like cottonwood is a good wood especially in the inner side, inside the bark, not the roots, the Native Americans, the hoppies use to roots. But the inside is a nice firm wood. So this is in between hard and soft. What I am going to do is split this down the middle and then it will give me two masks. I really don’t want a mask in here because it is curved that way. But I wouldn’t mind two masks here, coming off the side. So what we are going to do, we are going to get two for one. So I got some safety glasses on and we are ready to go. So I got a nice good grip in between my feet.


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