Train To Be: Carpenter

What does it take to get a job in carpentry? It takes getting to know how to use a tape measure. My name is Michael and I’m studying carpentry at Job Corps. No matter what type of carpentry they get
into, you always start with a tape measure. All right, guys, the tape measure. This is the tool that we use every single day on the job site.
There’s a lot of jobs in this field. What I love about carpentry is that there’s a lot of hands-on training and Job Corps carpentry, they teach you all the basics. It starts with a skill and then one skill builds on another skill. Train hard enough
and you can become a contractor, framer or work on a construction site. Carpenters
are always in demand. I just finished carpentry and I already
have a job. This starts with one skill, the tape measure, and ends with a great career.

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