Teaching My First Woodworking Class | Live Edge Waterfall Coffee Tables

So if you guys remember the build off I did with Jory when I was at that show
I met a set of brothers Paul and Aaron from San Antonio
They wanted me to come down and teach a class and I was delivering the black rifle table
I figured why not. So I taught these four how to make these live-edge coffee tables
But I do a lot of live edge furniture I’m a bass out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pretty much a self-taught woodworker needed a coffee table found a plan made it out of two by fours
It’s in my dad’s camp now. I have no idea if it’s still flat
It just turned quickly into a passion of mine and something that I that I love and enjoy and so from there
I just started building a lot of essentially slab tables with a metal base. I learned how to weld and it’s a great
It’s a great simple way to build some really beautiful stuff in the course of that. I
Did a couple pieces with a waterfall edge and that’s what we’re gonna be doing here
We’ve got some really nice crotch wood walnut slabs that are already pre-surfaced
So we’re gonna be going through essentially is just I’ll show you guys a basic flattening on this slab here
We won’t be making anything out of this slab, but I’ll show you some basics flattening techniques using a router
A surfacing bit do a couple hand tool techniques in order to if you want to incorporate some bowties if there’s any voids and defects
I’m completely an open book and I want you guys to be as hands-on as possible with it
So ask any question that you may need
The process of it is gonna be a lot of like normal woodworking processes
Flattening milling and break down and then like joinery and assembly that’s gonna be the basic gist of the class
We’ll start out here. We’ll do a little little sharpening demo. Are you guys familiar with hand pulls and hand carpeting and
specifically ever sharpen anything
No, really, all right, so cool
There you go. Now run your hand. I don’t really easy
Go catch. No, go ahead go
Put your body behind it
You don’t think I’m doing all this work, come on
You can see this is this is how traditional woodworkers flatten their material
All right, so what you want to do
Like I said before it take the wobble out of this you can see we’ve got these high corners
Those are the same corners. We were working on you can use a plane bring those down
They’re going like this
Just easily pop off behind the knife you just wanna hear four entries
In order to make this perfectly flat you have to continue to run that router jig over it to get rid of these little drops
Way right here kind of gives you a leverage
Up in Pittsburgh, we have winter I don’t if you guys know what that is, but it’s uh, it gets it gets cold
Yeah, and you don’t need a ton of it take the squeegee start working it in
It’s not to kill me at all
miter-cut and the foot correct 13 inch width here at this point. They will just sit out a little bit
You’re right instead of crying fine. Perfect. Summer blade is gonna run about an 18 minutes this way
That actually doesn’t matter to us
Stops over here and festivals pretty much the tune the crop when it comes down you can like this
Just a matter of
– how much play we need but what it does is just gives an opportunity slide things back forward
I want to be at the center there
That humps out of there now
So thank you guys so much for tuning in I’m gonna send a huge
Thank you out to woodcraft specifically the San Antonio store. If you guys are anywhere in the vicinity, make sure you’re checking it out
I also want to thank my for first time students
These guys have never built anything like this before and they all knocked it out of the park lastly
Thank you guys for tuning in go punch your next project in the face
Just like these dudes did it’s not that hard and I’ll see you on the next video

90 Replies to “Teaching My First Woodworking Class | Live Edge Waterfall Coffee Tables

  1. I would have loved to know that you were going to be down there! I'm in Austin, so if you're ever teaching a class here, I'll be there!

  2. Pretty sure I'm always going to be a vicarious woodworker, but I do wish I had my own space and time to do even small projects. These dudes look like they're having a blast, good work man

  3. Great job. Its good to see that even beginners, under solid instruction, can put out tables that look good. They had fun too it seemed. Good video.

  4. Hey John great job teaching the class. How about teaching cross state in Philadelphia. Maybe even catch a Flyers Penguins game

  5. Those poor guys are going to think they can't do it without all the Festool stuff and drop 3k before they really even start their hobby.

    Looks like a great class though.

    Edit: Looks like 3 of them brought track saws and dominoes. Good deal.

  6. Teach another class again in San Antonio but let us know in advance so there can be more folks class including myself.

  7. John , I wish I was staying in the US😊. Thank you enjoyed your educational video for the other woodworkers.

  8. Cool. I didn't know you're in Pittsburgh. I'm in Pittsburgh and I just got an oak and maple milled into 2.5" slabs. They're in my garage air drying now πŸ‘

  9. I would come to your shop in Pittsburgh a second (not saying much I drive past twice a day five days a week) to learn to do dovetails.

  10. Hey John you are more than Welcome to teach a Class in my shop here in Franklinville,NY. I am only about a 4 1/2hrs drive from you and there are some woodworkers A ton of Veterans around that I am sure would enjoy your class including myself πŸ‘πŸΌ

  11. Not what you should teach…. who you should teach. Me! Lol great video lucky guys to get to work with you. Thanks for sharing. Chris

  12. I have a weird question? Why I see tons of flattening jigs that use a router but I only have seen one instance when an electric planer was used? Why is that? Electric hand plane is way wider than a router bit hence it will do the same work in less time…

  13. At 6:12 in the video, you talk about continuing to flattening the slab to remove the small cups in it. Couldn't ya clean them out and and pour a clear epoxy into them then sand them smooth to handle that as well? Just a thought I had while enjoying the vid.

  14. Goodonya Malecki! I'm gonna have to get you to come out and teach some classes at my new thing when I get up and running next year. I got electrocuted at work and will now be able to go out on my own and start my business and the
    ministry that you and I had talked about before. I just had to get almost dead to get there…

  15. So cool, I've been in that shop many times and even took a class in that classroom myself. Would have loved to be part of this, but just couldn't make it work out.

  16. I am just getting into wood working and would like to do a woodworking class with you could we set one up by any chance

  17. I wish I would have known about the class I would've signed up in a heartbeat. San Antonio is about 2 hrs north of where I live, but it would have been worthwhile.

  18. You were such a natural teacher. Even without much dialogue in the video, it seemed like a phenomenal class to learn in. I look forward to more!

  19. I need to get our woodshop a bit next level but man it would be cool for you to visit MakerFX Makerspace in Orlando, FL

  20. You should host a class like this at the Demolition Mansion, teaching Matt and his family (any anyone there to help them with the reno that day) how to build their own furniture!

  21. Ooh no, professor Malecki is gonna punch you in the face. If you don’t clean up after yourself. Where do I sign up?

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