Power Tools & Carpentry Skills : Drill Press Safety Rules

I’m Robert Markey. I’ve been doing wood working
for many years and I want to talk about some safety issues for a drill press. The first
safety issue is right here if you can see it I just put this bit in here. If I turn
it on this guy is going to come flying out and it is not that uncommon, you are focused
on something else and you put it in and you are doing here, and there it is. So always
take this out. The next issue is sleeves, long hair anything that, because again you
are focusing in here, this thing is going very fast and anything can get wrapped around
it so make sure your clothes, hair that would be there. Speed, you want to be at the right
speed for the right bit here. This is a pretty big bit. You want to be not that fast and
this is where you change your speeds and you want to slow that one up a little bit. So
that is pretty good. A bit like this, a circle cutter, especially when it is large you want
to be very slow, you want to make sure whatever the work you have is clamped down because
this can grab and take the whole thing off. This is a little bit more of a dangerous thing.
That’s a wonderful bit but you have got to be real careful with this. The other bit that
you have to be very careful with is one that looks like this. You notice it has a screw
tip. This is not to be used in a drill press. The drill press you want to be able to control
how you bring it down and back up again. Once this bit, once this screw tip starts in the
wood it is going to suck it down and you are no longer in control. This is for a hand held
drill and you need to avoid using something like this on the drill press. I’m Robert Markey
and we’ve been talking about safety tips for a drill press.

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