Making A Carving Mallet Without A Lathe

Carving Mallet

This is a piece of kowhai. I am sure I’m not pronouncing that correctly but I’m going to put a link to it’s Wikipedia page in the description. It is a poison wood so Ned is not going to be in this video as well as I’ll be wearing a dust mask. This tree was in a garden that was along a driveway. It was hit by a moving van and the root ball was ripped out of the ground. apparently it is something that wood turners really love to use. I will tell you the end grain shows up just wonderful on this.

But I don’t have a lathe so I can’t turn it. So the shaping was done with a drawknife and a spokes have. I used a piece of paper to mark a straight line around the bottom part of the head and I sawed in about an inch all the way around. This is how i split most of the wood out from the handle. I did it to the real stock on the ground. It’s important that if you are going to use an axe, keep your hands away from it! for the shaping of the handle I used a chisel to rough it out then went back to the drawknife and spokes have to get it to the right size. I also used a Mora’ knife to whittle away where the spokes have couldn’t get to. There was also use of a card scraper too to smoothing out everything. For the carving i used a marking gauge to mark bands around the top and the bottom. As well as the counterweight, I don’t know what you call the bottom part… Then I used simple little hand chisels to put in little divet shapes.

I don’t know what you call them, I’m sure they have a name I don’t know what it is and I used a V-chisel on the bottom. i then came back with another gouge and put some edge decoration on it. So it could continue drying out correctly, I only put finish on the end grain parts of it. I apologize that this video is a little bit late. This week has been full of me putting together another website. Another portfolio site so i can find another job! I lost my one in the US finally. We knew that was eventually going to happen so it is now time to find one over here! I did just do a carving which I filmed so I’ll put it up like next Tuesday or so. Using this and hand pressure. But this is really nice to use. Compared to this, which is still nice to use but as you can see a lot more refinement. Done the same way, This was a piece of firewood and this one will someday probably be, a lot of it will be firewood cause it’s just not a wood you can make spoons or any thing like that.


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