How To Set Up Work Area For Wood Carving?

Wood Carving

We like to work outdoors. You know in the sunshine and the fresh air. Cold weather, warm weather, we put a jacket on cause we don’t like to clean up and the easiest clean up is outside, the wood chips can go all in my garden. You know back in Philly I use to find opportunities to go to the park, you know and just sit out in the sun in the afternoon and just dream about being here in the sunny Arizona chipping my heart’s desire. But I will always be outdoors pretty much, although the mentor I learned from loved to work at night. When it got you know, eight o’clock, nine o’clock, he worked till one, two in the morning and he worked inside on a bench. So I mean whatever you are most comfortable with. For me I am an outdoor person and I love my gardens and I enjoy to hear the birds and to feel the sunshine.

Of course, we like the shade out in Arizona because it gets a little bit too hot, but working outdoors and occasionally I work on my bench. But mostly I work here on my waist and we will set up a platform like this, but it will safe the waist. But if I am outdoors and I don’t have all of this, I am chipping like this; sitting on the ground chipping, everybody says, watch yourself don’t cut up anything, but as of yet I haven’t cut off a thing, it still there trust me. But the wood carving becomes really easier when you can set up a platform and it is not moving. On the bench we will put a vice on it sometimes if the piece is moving too much or we will get somebody to hold it, hold the piece for us. But outdoors, we enjoy the outdoors working. Well with the work bench here we got enough stability with the four legs, three legs, you know so when I can hammer, it is not going anywhere. It is sitting right there not going anywhere. You don’t want your piece riding or moving and having a mind of its own. The chips fly in every place, it is preferable to be outdoors.

King Arthur’s Tools Holey Galahad Carbide Carving Discs

There are many carbide carving discs to choose from, but there’s only one Holey Galahad Carbide Disc with a patented see through design that lets you see the work surface while you’re working. Being able to see the work take shape as you carve eliminates guesswork, helping you achieve superior results. Razor sharp tungsten carbide teeth make shaping with the Holey Galahad effortless, while providing rapid stock removal, regardless of wood type or grain direction. The discs are color-coded for easy identification and are available in four abrasive grades and the radius profile allows you to cut using the face and the side of the wheel. The Holey Galahad is designed to fit most 4-1/2″ angle griders and installs easily with the assistance of the Universal Nut that’s sold separately.


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