100 Replies to “How to Make Box Joints with Only a Router | Woodworking Jig

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have been thinking about making something like it but now I will use your very sensible design. Much appreciated.

  2. I really dig your new opening sequence!👍 Great shop project. Ever since you mentioned this on the Making It podcast I've been excited about this video. I had something just slightly different in my mind. Very excellent!👍

  3. My favorite types of videos you make are these kind. I have gone back to some of the other videos of jigs you have made to copy them for myself. Great work.

  4. Hey David, Love this idea and the video. I use squarespace for my domain name and website template. www.tntwoodcraft.com
    Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

  5. Very new woodworker here. I found this video to be very helpful and you explained everything amazingly. Thanks!

  6. Love it! Simple jig and beautiful results! It's little things like the mixed up sounds at 3:51 that's part of what makes these videos so great!

  7. Tight = towards, Loose = Away. Good to know home skillet! I'll definitely give this a go since I don't have a router table but still want to make box joints.

  8. Yes, Hallo David!! Correct, we do not have Dado stacks in Europe, and then you pull out a router we do not have in Europe either. Thanks a lot David, for making it impossible to do ANY wood work 😉

  9. I look at all sorts of YouTube videos every day, but I totally AVOID subscribing & liking them. Not THIS one! LIKED & SUBSCRIBED.
    Excellent video & tutorial which I'm going to use. Many thanks.

  10. Really cool idea! I’m saving this video for when I get a nicer router. I only have a battery one, and I don’t think this will work with that. Not strong enough.

  11. Gettin' "Jiggy" wid it! Lol. Geat jig man, thanks for sharing! Check out my squarespace website! www.rusticcustomswoodshop.com !

  12. Great video as always, David! Digging the intro style. I saw your palm router sitting aside. Can you make this using one? I have a 1 hp palm router that I wouldn't mind using for a setup like this. I have a 2 1/4 HP one, but I want to use that on a router table.

  13. Perfecto!👍gracias a tu video excelente, genio hiciste crear nueva herramienta corta para router, cómo es audaz!

  14. Watching this now. Cannot thank you enough for this video. I still consider myself a beginner at woodworking. I have seen other plans and videos about how to make a table for a router, but because my engineering skills are not the best, I can never quite figure out how to adapt them to my specific router. This video and explanation are perfect! Thanks again!

  15. when you say, move the pin to or against the pit, do you start with new wood or what? please show on another video! thank you, my friend.

  16. I'm about to teach a bunch of kids how to make simple boxes. Now I'm considering making a jig like this for our router table we already have so they can add in finger joins. Great video man

  17. Me: I don't have a tablesaw to do finger joints, can I use just a router?
    Youtuber: Sure, use this method. 1st step, cut this board with the table saw, then the mitter saw and finally use the drill press.
    Me: 😒
    Still very cool video, but c'mon, the video start with questions from other users asking for alternatives to tablesaws among others.

  18. David this was perfect. I had been brainstorming how to build a box joint jig since I don’t currently table saw (I have a radial arm saw) or a real router table. This was what I needed to see and with a few mods will work perfectly for my setup.

  19. You could run a shorter bit if you drill the hole in the base plate bigger then have the collet and nut go up further closer (but not touching) the slide.

  20. Square Space… get it? You made a square space with box joints and a cool box joint jig and it was all brought to you by Square Space!

  21. I know I'm not the first to say this, but :"we're going to use a router, not a router table"… Proceeds to build a router table.

  22. I often think that there is nothing new to be found in the youtube woodworking space. You proved me wrong. Great Idea Dave.

  23. I love your videos, and one of my favourite things is a lot of your measurements are "I will cut this about…this long" or "I will rip this down to about, this wide" Which is usually how a lot of us actually do stuff when making projects with the plans just in our heads. You make projects really easy to follow and without all technical jargon and I would guess a lot less daunting for new woodworkers, yet they are still beautifully made. I guess i'm just trying to say you make it easier to "Make something"

  24. I’ve been terrified of trying to make box joints, because I didn’t want to have to buy a jig and because I don’t have a dado stack, but I truly think I have ran out of excuses after watching this video, thanks for creating awesome content as always!

  25. I just made pretty much the same thing for my router table. You get an amazing amount wood shavings everywhere. It didn't work properly until I bought a very good router bit.

  26. Your segway into the commercial was so smooth that I'm not even mad to be interrupted. Good job on the jig as well.

  27. I'm impressed with the build but far more impressed with the video. Clear, clean, crisp, not a lot of crummy music while you skilfully drill four holes with the drill press. Yep, very good. I subscribed and I REALLY want to see the walnut tool box.


  28. Brilliant work buddy, here in the UK dado stacks are frowned on by government and the health and safety brigade, so using the router is a perfect way to get that wider cut for box joints, thankyou for your excellent video, very helpful, regards Louie Ulster Workshop.

  29. That's a great jig, I'm starting into woodworking, I don't have that much space, so I'm thinking on making a flippable modular workbench table which can fit my miter saw and router, this gives me an idea on what else to add to the router module, thanks for the video

  30. I've seen many videos that show us how to make box joints, but yours is very special! Perfect work! Congratulations!!!

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