How To Define Lines For Wood Carving?


Even though I am not on the line, I am making up a new line right underneath it. The line is just for a guideline to give you something to work from other piece of the mouth, coming off of here. See I got to work with my mouth here because I don’t have so many chins. If I had more chin I can kind of bring my mouth down a little bit more. But since I don’t have that much chin, I got all this nice hair up here, I got to give this again the balance and the proper proportion so it will work, it will look right. That is why I said to have a vision. You are not going to be perfect with the first one, getting still till you are all perfect. But you might have a critical eye like me so it doesn’t work, go somewhere else with successful.

Maybe if I open that eye up, because of course I don’t have anything open yet. Possibilities that it could stay closed, but more than likely it is going to be open because the more holes in the piece of wood the more like it has, the more spirit it has, the more expression, the more character it has. So I like to put the holes in it. But you can see I have established the lines. , I can take off large pieces down there cause that is just the chin, they are not going to do nothing. Just take right on off, just get all happy. You can even get a bigger chisel to take some of that stuff off. , that is because I got my line established underneath the mouth. Now, with this, do I want to put my expression lines coming off the nose? Do I want to put my expression lines coming off the eye? I vote for this one down here off the bottom of the mouth. You see that is when you start getting different kind, I didn’t draw a line, but I can already see a line there as far as expressions.

Fixing Holes When Carving A Wood Flute

And so if you take a close look, you will see how this bit, this stone bit, melts a clean hole onto the flute, and at the same time, seals it by burning the pores, right there and then I can take this file and widen it like that. If I want to make it sharper, I go towards the mouthpiece, towards the aperture. I file it inward like that, and that makes it sharper. If I want to make it flatter, I go away from the aperture, that makes it flatter, that widens the hole and if I found that my hole is too big, then I have to get glue and make the hole smaller with glue. Usually I use Super Glue, just put a bead around it like that.


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