How to Carve a Stone Sink in 4 Hours!

Hey, guys.
I’m super pumped on today’s project.
Because it’s something
I’ve never done before,
but something
I’ve always wanted to do.
That’s carve a piece of stone
into something awesome.
So, this stone just happened to be
sitting right here in this hole,
and I thought,
“Hey, that’s a nice looking rock.
I’m gonna make it into a sink.”
So, here’s the process.
You might think I’m going to sit here
like Michaelangelo
and just chisel away.
I wish I had the time
and the skill to do that,
but I don’t, so…
I’m going to just be using this
Diamond Cut-off Saw
to make a bunch of relief cuts
in the stone.
and then just pound it out
with either a hammer
or hammer drill or a chisel bit.
And then I got
a four and a half inch diamond wheel
for my angle grinder
and I’m just gonna
grind it smooth with that.
But, first things first. I need to
take this into a darker spot
so that I can see my laser level.
And I’m gonna
lay this thing upside-down and…
mark a flat line, laser line,
around the outside of the rock
with a Sharpie
so that I can cut
a flat spot on the bottom
so it sits nice and flat
on my counter top.
So, let’s do that first,
and then we make some noise.
All right, guys, you can see that
I’ve just made a bunch of relief cuts
about three quarters of an inch
And I cut one relief cut
through all these layers.
just to make them
break out a little bit easier
and then I just take a coal chisel
you know, eight dollar coal chisel
from the hardware store
and you just break out each piece.
And sometimes,
they don’t break in sequence.
But, you can just hit that out…
with the hammer, after.
It’s pretty easy.
Actually quite surprised at how
easy this stone’s coming apart,
because this is granite,
which is one of the harder stone types
out there.
That just goes to show you,
you use the right technique,
pretty much anybody can do that.
All right, as you can see
I just carved my own
stone bathroom sink.
And it looks freaking gorgeous.
Couldn’t be more pumped on this thing.
It only took me about four hours.
Four hours to make something
out of stone that will last forever!
And I’ll just be able to
look at this glorious thing and know
that it’s just a rock off that beach
that I carved into a sink.
So awesome!
So, if you’re thinking about
doing a bathroom renovate
or getting a sink
why don’t you just
carve one out of stone?
All you need…
rent a GUS,
rent a cut off saw,
that’s like 35 bucks,
hammer drill with a chisel bit,
angle grinder with a diamond blade,
hammer, eight dollar coal chisel,
and a laser level.
So, pretty minimal tools to make
a piece of artwork.
So, if you’re on your way
to Home Cheapo to get a sink,
why don’t you tell them to suck it,
and make one out of stone, because
this is ten times better
than anything you’re gonna get
at a hardware store.
And see that…
Uh, this thing’s heavy.
Like I said, I used the laser level
to flatten out the bottom perfectly.
So, it’s gonna sit nicely
on the counter.
I’ll probably put the faucet
right here
cause the rock’s got a little indent.
Faucet, water, sink, drain. Awesome.
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All right, Samurai out!
I love this sink!

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