How To Carve A Stone Sink In 4 Hours?

Stone Sink

Well it’s time to drill the whole for the drain Got the drain assembly, took my square. Check to see that it’s perpendicular… to the bottom of the stone so that the drain doesn’t sit crooked obviously So…going to trace it out and start drilling That only took about 10 minutes to drill through I drilled from the inside, and then from the backside cause it wasn’t quite deep enough Alright, take the washers off. Let’s see if these threads fit through here Nice A little bit of wiggle room which is good The tricky part is I have to grind out a… little spot for this lip to sit down flush with the stone So the bottom of my sink is not quite as flat as I need it to be so I’m going to have to do some grinding here to get it to sit flush Or to sit flat on the stone and then I’m going to trace it out Then I got a little dremel tool that I’m going to grind down A little recess spot where this drain will sit down flush with the stone I’m just going to use my dremel tool here And I’ve got a little pointed diamond burr bit on it.

They cost like five bucks Alright so that little dremel tool doesn’t work that well Frick, I’ll be here for 8 hours trying to grind it out that way I’m going to try just use a three sixteenths hammer drill bit But I’m not going to put it on drill I’m just going to put it on chisel function right here. So it doesn’t spin, but it just vibrates and I’m going to see if I can just carve this out with a hammer drill bit So, wish me luck Aright, so that was way too aggressive It didn’t bugger it up, but it was getting close So I’m going to try just using the edge of this diamond bit that I drilled it out with Just to see if I can kind of go around and grind it I think this is my best option. Now that, is actually working like a charm. Alright, so I’m pretty much there A good way to find out where your high spots are is to just take this drain, put it in here Twist it around, and the metal will mark the high spots, it will leave a little scuff. You can see where the high spots are You can just go back and grind them down, until everything is perfect So don’t bother with the dremel, or hammer drill Just use the same bit that you used to bore out the drain hole. To grind a little relieved area for the drain to sit flush And you’re golden So these bits cost about, I don’t know, 40 or 50 bucks But they’re worth every penny.

And lastly, before you install it. Make sure you have a nice flat area around here For the rubber washer to seal against And then you put this nut on hand…. Screw it all tight And make sure you silicon… Put a bead of silicon underneath the rim of the drain here and that’ll seal into the rock, and then the rubber washer acts as a secondary. To make sure it stays watertight Alright, here’s the moment of truth. Going to drop the sink in place I’ve got a bead of silicon all around the edge The drain is screwed on tight We’re just going to drop it in here Call it done That about where I want it Alright, that’s it Well, there you have it Beautiful hand carved stone sink Drain is in. Everything‚Äôs hooked up. Working beautifully That feels really good Now I get to enjoy looking at this stone sink for the rest of my life and saying, “I made that.” And it makes for a pretty good story to tell too Good luck on your stone sink Go out there, get it done.


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