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[Intro music] [Winston] My journey from start to where I am now has been quite interesting. I came here as a school student then returned as a VET Student, then did my apprenticeship here I went out and worked in the industry for 15 years being a trainer of apprentices as a builder and carpenter coming back to teaching these guys has been something I’ve wanted to do, because it is a very positive environment and no better way to bring your knowledge to the next generation of carpenters. I think TAFE education is very important because not only are you getting onsite but you’re getting offsite training and the staff and students bringing on everyone’s knowledge of what they’re doing, gives you a much more positive environment to learn in. A lot of students that works at commercial don’t necessarily get to do what the guys on the domestic side like, roofing, wall building, stair building, doors all that sort of stuff. They don’t really get the opportunity. Here, they’ve got the flexibility to come and do that and learn it properly and not as it is, rush, rush, rush on the site. Whereas the other hand, the domestic guys who don’t get to do a lot of things like, form working and commercial skillsets they get a chance to come in and see what the industry has to offer so you’re not just pigeonholed into one frame. I think being skills based trade like carpentry you work in a big team and these guys will be working with many different people the relationships they form here can generate or will lead into you know, working arrangements lots of guys and apprentices that come through, they all work together in teams out in the world. As an employer myself, I will always choose someone that’s been to an institute like Holmesglen and have actually given commitment to show that they want to be a carpenter.

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