Cookie slab epoxy coffee table with waterfall – Unknown lumber – DIY

Creating a cookie slab epoxy coffee table (with waterfall)
This is a large cookie slab I bought on ebay
I have no idea what lumber it is
Pretty sure its tropical, due to the saw dust I observed
Lets make an awesome coffee table
I started by planing
Look at the saw dust
It reminds me of Wenge
I sanded both sides with 80 grit paper
I taped all bottom side cracks
I mixed epoxy resin
And mixed turquoise powder to it
I removed excess epoxy with 80 grit sanding paper
I cleaned the live edges with a brush
I sanded all edges to remove excess epoxy and splinters
I call this part “the waterfall”
There was a large crack along the live edge which Itaped and filled with epoxy
Engravign the table name with the Shaper Origin
I attached three hair pin legs
I applied mineral oil to the bottom side of the table
I sanded the upper side with 80, 120, 180 and 240 grit paper
I applied Rubio Monocoat (pure) to the upper side of the tabletop
Note that I use a brush
I fidn this method better for end grain
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2 Replies to “Cookie slab epoxy coffee table with waterfall – Unknown lumber – DIY

  1. What would you charge for a round live edge slab similar to this. I'm curious because I have a project that is coming up that will be about the same size and thickness only out of hard maple. I don't want to overpice it but I also want to be paid for my workmanship.
    Thanks by the way your project came out beautiful.

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