Basic Spoon Carving Kit

Welcome to Traditional Tools.
Today I just wanted to show you guys a basic spoon carving set.
This is actually how I got started. It’s a really cheap way in.
I got the idea from a friend actually.
I show you this in a bit. But basicly this is the spoon we carved with the Husqvarna.
If you watched that video.
Roughed it out with the Husqvarna. But you can use….this is just a cheap chinese axe.
I’ve used this for many spoons over the years. This a full size boys axe.
Mora knife. If you dont have one you can get one. They’re about $10.
They’re great steel. They don’t coe with a great edge but you can put your own edge on them.
And then of course you need a spoon knife for actually doing the bowl.
So that’s were I took this cheap chisel and just ground the edges off. Ground a radius on it, pulled the bevel back and made kind of a dish shape.
That way you can carve. You can basicly scoop out your bowl no matter which way. Of course it works better on a flat surface. This is just through the view finder.
Scoop out your bowl. Or you can carve like this.
Carve on the tip. Or you can do push cuts and dig the base out like you would a regular spoon knife.
It works pretty good.
For a $10 investment and some time just to midify it and put a bevel on it.
And you have a basic cheap spoon knife.
All together this kit will maybe run you $30. But you probably already have the axe and the knife.
And you might even have the chisel.
So it may just cost you time.
Then you can see if you actually like the hobby before you invest a bunch of money and buy more expensive tools.
Overall it’s not a bad kit. Here’s the spoon close up.
Just a quick spoon.
But it makes a pretty smooth bowl. If you go deeper than that you tend to get a bit of chatter.
So that’s the basic kit.

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