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Carving Art

Woodcarving is made of wood in accordance with the needs of our lives and maintenance of culture. Woodcarving is a type of Arts and Crafts and it is similar to silver and embroidery It is essential to ordinary people’s daily life. The woodcarving demand is guided by local people Jianchuan has a special geographical environment and location Jianchuan is located at the western Alpine of Yunnan it is a very remote and inaccessible place the people here, the Bai minority, are hard-working people And farming is the main economic source of Jianchuan There are also learners and expert artisans Hence, generation after generation they cultivated a group of intellectuals and woodcarving talents Jianchuan woodcarving Safety first – specification operation. Most of the wood is shipped from foreign countries White wood is a local raw material while most of red wood is imported from abroad The main selection standards are: best quality and material Some customers like cheaper wood, that is not always the same The surface of some wood can be cracked there are some scars in wood.

They will influence the overall result of woodcarving It does not look good if the wood have scars My inspiration comes from old traditional auspicious patterns such as: spring, summer, autumn and winter, the four seasons, flowers and birds, mean auspicious. Then, I design out the blueprint and if the customer is satisfied, then it can be carved. After I graduated from junior high school I noticed many woodcarvings in Temples Farmer families were able to carve, too I started to practice woodcarving in 1958 It was in 1958. Since I gave up with my studies Watching folk carvings was very useful especially inside Temples I was full of enthusiasm about woodcarving so, I felt ready to do this job At that time, I thought I could not make enough money with woodcarving It was just a way to survive with little money Nowadays, young people are going to work in other places. They can earn more money, and their salary is higher than here Compared with the past, only few young people are still learning to carve About our works, first, we need to prepare drawings, second, to add something which we want to express.

Then, we learn traditional techniques with the old master here (I’m studying here) because Jianchuan’s woodcarvings are well known and they mainly depict people which is the earliest style, departing from the tradition So, in my works, I want to add some elements, such as people and animals Labor glorious – Skills are valuable – To create is great As this kind of furniture is made of common materials, it’s better to paint it, to protect it, otherwise it will be deformed The main function is to prevent wood from pests Some general furniture can’t be painted because it’s made of rosewood Strong hardness wood can’t be painted If you want to make a mass production it’s fast and good to use computers, obviously However, Science and Technology can only realize quantitative products, but if you want a nice and accurate object, something which is different from others, it must be customized, handmade Actually, people are smarter than machines Carving Art.


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