Wood Carving

Carving Art

Carving Mallet

Making A Carving Mallet Without A Lathe

This is a piece of kowhai. I am sure I’m not pronouncing that correctly but I’m going to put a link to it’s Wikipedia...
Spoon Carving Kit

Basic Spoon Carving Kit

Today I just wanted to show you a basic spoon carving set. This is actually how I got started. It's a really cheap way...
Bonsai Deadwood Carving

Bonsai Deadwood Carving

Dead wood is, all trees or trees of age have branches or trunks that have been, have died away, and they tend to look...
Carving Art

All about Carving Art

Woodcarving is made of wood in accordance with the needs of our lives and maintenance of culture. Woodcarving is a type of Arts and...
Kachina Carving

All about Kachina Carving

I've been carving for about 25 years. But I enjoy carving Through carving, for me it expresses life. I'm expressing life and colors coming...
Baseball Wood Carving

Baseball And Wood Carving

I played baseball when I was really young. It's a really interesting game. I've never wrapped my head around it. But when I was...

Wood Carving Tips

How To Use Power Sander For Wood Carving?

Power Sandervideo
These are the most valuable pieces here; heavy duty sanding is always required. You know, so this one needs a change of paper. It...

Wood Carving In Folk Art

Folk Art
It is a folk art. I like to think of myself as a folk artist rather than doing African art, which I really don't...

How To Sharpen Blades For Wood Carving?

Sharpen Bladesvideo
Home Depot special; very good to have. These go all in the different eyes, circles. These little rasps can clean up multitude of sanding...

How To Use Power Tools For Wood Carving?

Power Tools
We don't use a lot of power tools although I do have a dremel. My main power tool would be that chainsaw that you...

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