Dolphin From Reclaimed Wood – Wood Carving

Reclaimed Wood

I guess today is the day I am going to try to start carving something out of this big chunk of wood. This is a heart pine beam. It is reclaimed from an old factory. Unfortunately, it has a lot of rot on the outside. I am going to take off the rot and see what I have left. I cut these up into more manageable pieces. I cut a lot of the rot out. I basically cut along the big checks in order to remove the largest cracks. Oh man, it is a scorcher today, upwards of 35 degrees Celcius. Now that I have flattened this side, I can draw my design on the side. I printed off some images of a dusky dolphin. I am going to try to carve a dolphin out of this. I considered using the chainsaw to cut off the bulk of the material once I draw my design on here. I did not want to bother bringing out the chainsaw again today. I am just going to use the angle grinder.

The reason why I chose this one is because of its dark markings. I want to try burning once it is smoothed out. I just want to get the general shape anyway. It is OK if it is not perfect. OK, so I regret not using the chainsaw to remove the bulk of the material. I am pretty happy with how this is going so far. I still have to do more shaping on these fins. Plus, I want to smooth it out more. I like how the silhouette of this tail turned out. Hopefully, it is not just a fluke. I am going to call it a day today because it is hot. Yesterday, I went at this with the angle grinder and a flap sanding disk. Then I was hand-sanding it for quite some time. I did not bother filming it because it was kind of boring. I really like how this is turning out. I have a lot more sanding to do. I sanded this. It is getting pretty smooth, but now I need to work on the fins. I have been avoiding working on the fins because once I make them delicate, I am afraid they would break off. I have been leaving them rough. Now I am going to take the rotary tool and shape these into fins, then more hand sanding. I started to burn this with the torch and I encountered a problem.

The sap is literally boiling out of the wood and keeping it from burning on the growth rings. For example, right here, this lighter area would burn, but the darker area would not. I am not sure how I am going to overcome that problem. Maybe I will not. Now that this is getting close to finished, I want to make a base for it. Originally, I wanted to use this 7/8 inch dowel. It is from the bed a I got a little while ago. I was going to use one of these as a dowel to hold up the sculpture, but I do not have a drill bit large enough for this. I think I am going to use just this 1/2 inch pine dowel and put two of them in here. I am going to make a base out of this. I have to say, I am pretty pleased with how this turned out. I have to put a few more coats of lacquer on it. I would like to get it to a nice gloss, so it looks like it is wet. Like it is jumping out of the water or something I do not know if I will get there. I will give it a try anyway.


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